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Capture a Buyer's Attention by Enhancing Curb Appeal.

Here's what Buyers' Notice First:

  • The Front Door
    • Make sure your front door complements your home’s exterior.
    • Replace the knocker with a shiny one to make your home pop.
  • Windows
    • If your home has newer windows it signals to the buyer that they will save on heating bills and it is one less thing they will need to buy in the future.
    • Just changing the hardware on windows makes a difference and adds character to a home.
    • Replacing windows with double-hung windows that tilt for easy-cleaning requires less maintenance for new owner
    • Replacing windows with larger windows or grouping windows together to maximize light will make the interior of your home more appealing to the buyer.
  • Lighting
    • Exterior lighting, landscape lighting, recessed lighting in the soffits and interior lights can add to the beauty and resale value of a home.
  • Landscaping
    • Attracts people to your home
    • Buyers know the value of landscaping. To plant your own perennial garden or trees can cost a fortune.
    • You can get a 150% return on your investment by just spending 5% of your home’s value on landscaping.
  • The Roof, Gutters and Siding
    • If the roof is in good condition, then buyers know that the home’s exterior is apt to be in good condition as well.
    • Gutters should match the color of the soffit; and the siding color should match the downspouts. If you have gutter guards or leaf guards installed it is appealing to a buyer because it means less maintenance for them.
    • Buyers are drawn to a home that has a clean appearance and if the home has siding that has the rich look of wood then it’s even better received.

Some of these jobs are small and can be done by yourself but for the larger jobs you may want to hire a professional. Here’s some hints on how to hire a repair professional. BBB Business Review