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Ask Project Pam

Pam is a Single Mom who’s had real-life experience with home maintenance issues and has some helpful hints.

Are you a single woman in charge of keeping your home in good repair? Well you aren’t alone. A survey done by Sears, Roebuck and Company, found that 85% of women, at some point, will take sole responsibility for maintaining a home. Women homeowners are on the is estimated that close to 28% of all homes in the country will be headed up by women by the year 2010. So girls, NOW is the time to start learning tips about home improvement projects.

You Can Do It! Here are Some Tips:

  • Have basic tools on hand for small jobs: A set of screwdrivers, wrench and pliers, a hammer, and a cordless power drill.
  • Stop by home improvement stores to collect “do-it-yourself” instruction pamphlets and keep them filed by project. Sign-up for free classes on all sorts of topics.
  • Go to home shows – gather information on competitive products
  • Ask your local REALTOR how home improvements affect return on investments & resale values. Here’s advice...
  • Ask your Accountant for advice on budgeting for home improvements and find out about tax credits. Here’s advice...

Important: Know your limits!

If you’ve exhausted all your resources and you still can’t figure out how to fix something, don’t even touch it. You may make things worse. Call in a professional or better yet, ask friends and family for help and take notes. You can learn from watching others. This way next time something comes up, you’ll be ready. Here’s Some Advice on How to Hire a Repair Professional... BBB Business Review