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Old drafty windows are often responsible for about 40-50% of the heat lost or gained. That's why tight windows are essential. If you have older windows without storm windows - get them. Or consider installing vinyl replacement windows – they can increase the energy efficiency of your home by two to three times.

Investing in Energy-efficient windows:

  • Saves up to 18% on heating and cooling costs per year
  • Creates less condensation
  • Makes you more comfortable as it protects you from heat in summer and cold in winter
  • Protects your home’s interior including photos, artwork, carpets and furniture from sun damage
  • Increases property’s curb appeal

What’s more, if you replace your current windows with energy efficient windows, you can qualify for a tax credit. Find out how!

Characteristics of an Energy-Efficient Window:

  • Low-E Glass – a thin transparent coating that allows light to pass through but reflect heat energy, keeping your home cooler. These coatings improve the insulating value of window about as much as adding another pane of glass.
  • Gas fillings such as argon or krypton
  • Multiple layers of glazing.
  • Outfitted with advanced technologies like warm edge spacers
  • A low U-factor which insulates the window better. Do you live in a hot climate? Look for windows with a U-factor of .65 or lower in a hot climate. Look for windows with a U-factor of .35 or lower in a cold climate.
  • A low Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (SHGC) of .40 or lower can reduce air-conditioning bills and is desirable in warmer climates, while a higher SHGC is better in the North.
  • Vinyl Frames
  • Look For Energy Star Logo

Have Windows Properly Installed

In order to achieve full product performance and avoid water damage, windows, doors and skylights should be installed by trained installers according to manufacturer instructions. Many manufacturer warranties are void if the product is not installed according to instructions. When hiring a contractor, ask for references. Here’s advice... BBB Business Review