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Hiring a Professional

When hiring repair professionals, do men get more respect than women? Do men get a better price? Not anymore. Follow these tips and you won’t be taken advantage of ever again:

  • Arm yourself with the facts before you call or meet with a professional.
    • Do your homework
    • Research the projects on-line
    • Go to home improvement stores to learn the differences in products and prices. Ask questions – you’ll be surprised what you learn.
    • Ask your neighbors their experiences.
  • Check references.
  • Meet the vendor in person and have a friend in the home with you during the meeting.
  • Get multiple estimates and get them in writing. Ask each vendor to separate labor costs from parts so you know just what you are paying for.
  • Ask about warranties
  • Call a building planner or inspector to verify that the quote you got is in the right price range.
  • Ask neighbors and friends if the quote you got is similar to their experiences.
  • Remember! Lowest price isn’t everything. A stable company that has been in business for a long time with courteous employees that can accommodate your schedule should also play a part in the decision.
    • Contact the better business bureau to be sure there are no complaints against the company you hire.
  • Have companies give you a time estimate for project completion.
  • Ask about refunds if you are not satisfied with the project at the end.
  • Supervise Professionals during the job (you might learn something).
  • If you can’t stay and supervise and have to leave the workmen in your home, make sure you ask the owner of the company if their employees are insured or have had background checks done.

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